Oops…a Solution to Ill-Timed Clumsiness


The new revised "Hannah."

The new revised “Hannah.”

The last time I blogged, I told you about a daffodil leaf necklace that I named after my youngest (newborn) daughter Hannah.  And then I…um…broke the necklace.  That’s right, I’m rather blunderous at the worst times sometimes: I didn’t just break it randomly, I broke it right after promising to include it in a charity auction (to raise money for missions to help children in India, if you’re curious).  I set it down on my desk with just a little too much force at just the wrong angle and cracked it a bit.  So…here is the fixed necklace!  Fixing it required adding this brilliant red/yellow leaf, which actually makes it look more amazing in my opinion!  (So maybe it was a lucky accident?)  Hopefully it will find a good home and raise a nice amount of money.  😀


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