Hannah and Flower Petals

The necklace I named after Hannah, my newest baby girl.

The necklace I named after Hannah, my newest baby girl.

HannahBabySo I am, at the moment, bored in the hospital while they do a couple routine tests on my newest little family member.  Her name is Hannah, she’s my fourth daughter, and she was just born yesterday.  So I thought I’d blog about the necklace I named after her!  (I’d really love to actually just blog about Hannah, because I’m over the moon about her, but I suppose blogging about the necklace is actually more relevant to the purpose of this blog!)

So there’s the necklace and there’s Hannah.  (They look nothing like each other, but it’s really the necklace that bear’s no family resemblance to the rest of us.)

il_570xN.554134570_49vpThis necklace was sort of unplanned.  (Like Hannah!)  I guess you could say God planned them both?  The necklace started out as a stoneware pendant for my hubby’s pottery business and turned into a real-flower necklace in my shop instead.  After making the pendant, this random thought occurred (perhaps I should give credit where credit is due and say that I think it may have been divinely inspired) to put a flower petal on the back and glaze it with resin instead of embedding it in resin.  So I did!  I actually hadn’t seen anyone else do this on Etsy at the time.  The necklace has a real dried daffodil petal, a real tiny dark red petal, and evergreen leaves, adhered to the back of the pendant, and suddenly the back of the pendant felt more like the front of the pendant!  So it’s a double-sided pendant (and I personally think it’s gorgeous)!

The next thing I knew there was cording and beads and color and braids and it became the most colorful and fun-looking necklace I’ve made so far!  And it’s three-dimensional!  The petals sort of pop out and stand on their own.  (And then it came time to think of a name for one of my favorite items and there I was with this cutie stuck in my tummy…so Hannah.)

I liked the new direction so much that a lot of jewelry in my shop now has three-dimensional nature-items that are coated instead of embedded.  I’m also thinking of adding items that are only halfway embedded and halfway coated in the future.  Of course I’m still going to embed things in resin because it looks so beautiful that way too!  Like putting life into glass or ice so you can hold a moment of time and take it with you.


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