The Daughter Connection

My first creation!  Named after my first daughter.

My first creation! A glowing, rose-petal necklace that I named “Rebekah!” (Named after my first daughter.)

When I made my very first necklace I sat there at the table and thought, “What am I going to do with this?”  The vague impressions of a business had barely begun to form in the back of my mind, but there was my oldest (5 years old) sitting next to me, oohing and ahhing at the pinks and the beads and how so girly it was.  I thought, “I’ll name it after her,” and so began the naming tradition.  I named each one, each item I made.  The hand-crafted books I named after an idea, a thought, a moment in time, with a small phrase to capture that idea.  I did the same with the quilted items which I will one day add to my shop.  But the jewelry…those I named after a person — the one I thought about most when I made it, or when I looked at it finished, or that I couldn’t help but imagine wearing it…someone I love and sometimes, I’ll admit, just a name that I love — which is why “Rebekah” was the perfect name for the first item I ever made.

Sweet Bekah, she loves jewelry so much and all things girly.  She watched, intrigued at every step of the process, telling me what to do next.  It was fairly difficult to decide to put it up for sale.  I talked myself into it.  I thought, “I have the pictures…and I have the daughter.  She’s what matters.”  I knew the funds from the sale were going to go towards something good…something to make the world a better place.  I think if that were not the case, maybe I wouldn’t have sold it — I just got so attached!  I said to myself, “The good that hopefully comes out of a sale can be in Bekah’s honor!”

Leafy Heart

“Alexandra” Earthy Heart Necklace

The next one I named after my second oldest.  They each captured my daughters personalities.  Bekah’s necklace was sweet and pretty and glowed with light from within just like she does.  It was backed with pink-painted, translucent rose petals and multi-colored beads…things that are just like her to love.  Alexandra’s necklace was so green and felt so down-to-earth!  It had real leaves and real imperial jasper beads carved from semi-precious stones taken right out of the earth itself!  The pendant was was made from clay, the very dirt and dust of the ground!  I felt like the necklace screamed, “I celebrate life!”  So much like my Allie…she loves all things green, she’s so down-to-earth, she’s so full of life!

The resin bead used in AneBeth's namesake bracelet.

The resin bead used in AneBeth’s namesake bracelet.

And then came AneBeth’s namesake bracelet because it was “clever” like her — or at least I thought so…I felt clever about it.  I’d figured a way to string the bead I used by molding it around screws and then rotating them out.  “Ho ho!” I thought to myself, “I am being smart about this one!”  Inside of it I put what I considered to be an intriguing-looking, hand-painted fabric knot — something I felt rather original about.  “I am sure no one else has thought of this!”  Just like the silly, original things AneBeth does (and now even often says).  Haha!  We knew she was like her Dad the day she was born — the way she thinks!  It makes me laugh.  I think she understands too much and one day she’ll start to out-think me.  (Oh, who am I kidding?… She already does!)

And so the naming went, things named after sisters and best friends, and our mothers, and the girl who stayed with us for a time and became like a daughter.  I think I will have to meet more wonderful people sometimes and then I stop and think about how many their are in the world already and realize I do not have enough jewelry yet…no, no, I will not run out of names first, I will run out of jewelry.


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