The Point…

Okay, I’m going to try my hand at a blog about my real-nature Etsy jewelry business. I’m just starting out, new to the whole business world and I’ve never done it before.  BUT, I looooove doing it.  I told my husband if nothing else, this will be a fun hobby that fails miserably!Image

I sell jewelry…er…at least…that’s the goal.  Let’s see how that goes.  Maybe, “I make jewelry” would be a better statement to start with.  It’s fun!  And it’s natural!  That’s my favorite part about the jewelry making process…putting life into it.  I love leaves and flowers and anything that once photosynthesized.  (Someday perhaps I’ll figure out how to make jewelry that still lives and breaths and makes chlorophyll.)

So would you believe of all the random majors a jewelry-maker could have, my college major of choice was chemistry?  And it’s been extremely useful!  I understand the process for how my resin sets when I encase pretty things in it, and how to use it safely, and how to obtain an eco-friendly version of it.  I can experiment with colorizing flowers naturally by taking advantage of the biology behind how they grow.  I know why some embedded items could prevent resin from curing (solidifying) and why some resins cure so much more slowly than others.  And the bright side of using all that knowledge for something artistic instead of lab-related?  I um, didn’t have to graduate.  I know, I know.  But there was marriage and then kids and then more kids, and yes, I’m only three classes away, but I’m also only two kids away from half a dozen!  (And they matter more than a degree…for some reason I love ’em to pieces.  Why’d they have to be so cute!)

So what’s the point of this blog?  I actually have no idea.  I think I just wanted to talk about all of it and put up what I’m excited about.  (I thought about doing that on my business Facebook page, but I didn’t want to annoy all my friends who so kindly liked my fledgling page.)  So here’s something even more fledgling…and random…and all about art and nature!

Here is my shop if you’re curious:


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